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SpaGuard Spa Maintenance Products

SpaGuard has a full line of spa care products for whatever sanitizing program you prefer.

There’s a complete variety of spa care products to support both chlorine and bromine programs. SpaGuard offers sanitizers, oxidizers, balancers, accessories, and Moments®, all formulated for maximum performance and value. As a family of quality spa care products, the products work superbly on their own or in spas which use pre-installed devices such as ozonators.

SoftSoak Products

SoftSoak products are especially formulated to work with our new non-bromine, non-chlorine spa program. There’s a SoftSoak sanitizer, oxidizer, and accessories specifically for this program. There are also some SpaGuard products that are compatible with the SoftSoak system. Consult your local SpaGuard dealer for more information prior to using other spa care products.