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There are five essentials to pool maintenance: circulation, filtration, cleaning, testing and proper water maintenance.

  1. Circulation – must be maintained for maximum sanitizer effectiveness. The more the water is in motion, the harder it is for bacteria and algae to take hold. Plus, more debris is captured by your filter. Run your pump during the day for 10 hours or more.
  2. Filtration – removes visible debris and most microscopic matter. Generally, a filter should be backwashed (to remove trapped material) or cleaned when the water pressure gets high (based on manufacturers’ guidelines). Backwashing or cleaning does not remove oils or deeply embedded debris, so every filter needs some form of chemical cleaning regularly. Let us help you with appropriate products.
  3. Cleaning – weekly, clean the walls and floor with a brush and vacuum to remove debris that catches is low flow areas.
  4. Testing – what you can’t see can hurt you! An ounce of prevention is the key… bring us a sample for testing. Use a clean bottle that you rinse with pool water first, then fill. Tell us about the bather load, weather and any steps you’ve taken to adjust your water. Check a sample with us every month or so to let us help you stay on course.
  5. Proper water maintenance – apply the right products at the right time! We can help advise you so you use the least amount of product and yet have the best results. No matter the type of pool – large or small, indoor or outdoor, in-ground or above-ground – or the chemical treatment -chlorinated, brominated, or biguanide – BioGuard® has a system to ensure sparkling, clear water.

Never worry about algae or cloudy water again!

If you own a swimming pool, then you know how many memorable moments you’ve had there with your family and friends. But you may also recall missing a moment due to a sudden outbreak of algae or the mysterious appearance of cloudy water.

These are the two most common issues that confront pool owners and wise caretakers know that the best course of action is to prevent them before they happen. But maybe you’ve cut corners here and there and tried to get by with lower quality products or skipped a step or two to save time.

Now green or cloudy water occurs more often than you’d care to admit. And don’t forget about the added expense of using more chemicals and the extra time it takes to get your pool back into shape.

The BioGuard Tru•Blue Promise program takes away your worries

The exclusive BioGuard Tru•Blue Promise program can be found at North Shore Pool & Spa. With this Promise, we’ll be sure you’re using quality products designed for ultimate prevention, that you’re using them properly and that you’re testing your water with the most in-depth analysis available.

By using our proven products and following our advice, the chances of algae or cloudy water are dramatically reduced and you’ll have spectacular looking water all season long. But the best part is that if you’re loyal to the Promise and you still end up with algae or cloudy water, we’ll give you everything you need to fix it for FREE.

Now that’s peace of mind that ensures you’ll never miss a moment again in your pool. Stop by and chat with your friendly, helpful pool experts at North Shore Pool & Spa and learn exactly how the program works or keep on reading for more details.