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Transform your spa into an aromatherapy haven with Moments® from SpaGuard®. We’ve created four sensory-scintillating fragrances to add to your spa. Imagine heady aromas that combine hyacinth, rose, lily, fresh apple, vanilla, jasmine, green tea, and a host of other intoxicating and soothing herbs and fragrances. Your spa experience will be enhanced with every breath you take.

All it takes is just a few capfuls to your spa or hot tub to unleash the magic. Relish the moisturizing benefits of Moments all by yourself, or, add it when you relax with family and friends. Moments is available in 8-oz. bottles—and in 1/2 oz. pillow packs for single use applications—and comes in four distinctive fragrances: retreat, revive, passion, tranquility.