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BioGuard Pool Chemicals
The Once-A-Week 3-Step System is an easy and effective way to keep your pool ready for swimming. It takes only minutes a week, keeps the water clear, and prevents algae growth.

There are three quick steps:

Step 1: Use BioGuard Silk Smart Sticks®, containing SilkGuard® Technology. Extra long-lasting chlorine sanitizer that dissolves slowly and all but stops dissolving when pump is off. It kills and prevents bacteria, while maintaining proper chlorine levels. SilkGuard Technology makes water velvety smooth, protects pool equipment for longer life, prevents metal staining and corrosion, reduces scale formation, and softens water.
Step 2: Use BioGuard SmartShock® to oxidize and clarify the water. The product works as a fast-dissolving shock that allows you to swim 15 minutes after application. This step is also known as “shocking the pool”.
Step 3: Prevent algae with BioGuard Back Up™ Algae Inhibitor. Back Up is specially formulated to work with Smart Sticks and BioGuard Smart Shock to prevent all types of algae from growing in pool water. It requires no mixing or pre-dissolving.

BioGuard also offers effective brominating products for pools and spas across a wide pH range. Brominating products can be used on all pool types (including above ground) to leave pools virtually odor-free.