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Transform Your Pool into a European Spa

The rejuvenating powers of mineral baths have been touted for centuries. But unless you traveled to an exclusive spa or some ancient land, you could never experience the relaxing effects of these waters yourself. Until now.

The Mineral Springs™ System from BioGuard® brings the experience of a mineral soak to your backyard. This revolutionary pool maintenance system produces the silky, extremely clear swimming pool water you desire and is easily maintained with just 5 minutes a week.

The system works with most types of pools, be it above-ground, in-ground, brand new or existing. It enhances water comfort and is non-irritating to eyes, skin and hair using only two basic steps:

Step 1: Beginnings – A proprietary blend of minerals that is added to pool water at installation or when the pool is converted to the Mineral Springs System.

Step 2: Renewal – A unique blend of minerals and maintenance products added weekly to maintain the benefits of the Mineral Springs system.

The Mineral Springs System utilizes minerals and a sanitizer generation unit to produce a chlorine sanitizer. The Mineral Springs Unit, which produces the sanitizer and brings Beginnings and Renewal together for clear, non-irritating pool water, ties the entire system together.

The Mineral Springs system is available only through BioGuard Mineral Springs Dealers — like us!. Come in and ask how to bring European mineral bath luxury to your swimming pool.