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The 3-Step System is used according to the system specifications outlined for your pool. If your pool attracts a crowd, it needs extra attention to keep water sanitized and sparkling clear. Give it the protection of the BioGuard’s convenient 3-Step System, ideal for pools of any size or surface.

There are three quick steps:

Step 1: Keep your pool water sanitized and silky smooth with BioGuard’s Silk Tabs™ and Silk Sticks™ containing SilkGuard Technology. They kill bacteria, control algae, are dispensable in feeders, floaters or skimmers, and contain Sunshield Technology so that chlorine is protected from sunlight for long-lasting sanitation.
Step 2: Use BioGuard Burn Out® 35 or Burn Out® Extreme to super-chlorinate your pool, oxidizing undesirable compounds that cause eye and skin irritation and dull water. These problems are caused by perspiration, urine, suntan oil and hair spray that accumulated. These products keep your water brilliant and clear.
Step 3: Prevent algae with BioGuard Back Up™ Algae Inhibitor. Back Up is specially formulated to work with Stingy Sticks and BioGuard Smart Shock to prevent all types of algae from growing in pool water. It requires no mixing or pre-dissolving. BioGuard also offers non-staining, non-foaming, pH neutral Algae All 60 for stubborn algae growths.